Observation Students

Student Observation at Well Done Physical Therapy

Volunteer/Observer Expectations:

We are excited to have you Volunteer and observe with us. Here are some things you should know about our clinic and spending time with us:


– Please introduce yourself to patients and the staff. Patients generally enjoy telling people about their injury or what they have been through.


– Please ask questions; you are here to learn about what we do and what this career path potentially has in store for you.


– Attire, we try to keep things professional yet casual. Jeans are okay if they DO NOT have holes, khaki pants are also acceptable. Shirts should be comfortable. Sneakers are a good shoe choice since you will be standing a good amount of time standing.


– Please DO NOT wear workout gear or flip flops.

What is expected of you while you are here:

– Sign in and out each day you are here.

– Wipe down tables, bike and/or shuttle with Cavicide and a rag/towel after we are done with it.

– Dirty linen goes in the hampers by the desk on the treatment floor.

– Ask if we are done using a piece of equipment it can be put away.

– Check to see if there are cups for the water.

– We may ask you to make copies or grab an item of the printer for us as well.

When signing up for observation hours, please take the following into account:

– We are a small clinic; there are 2 therapist and a PTA. We will only accept 1 observer per therapist. We do not want to overwhelm our patients by being stared at by several sets of eyes.

– This means we can onl have 2 observers signed up for the same hours.

– This is a first come first served process. If you are looking for Tuesday from 2pm-5pm and there are already 2 names for those times you may not sign up for that time.

– If you are unable to come in for an reason, please call and let us know so if someone else wants your time slot they can have it.

Students will need to come in and fill out an application or submit online application listed below. We will then schedule a quick interview to make sure WDPT is a good fit for your volunteer / observer hours