Justin Lyons

PT Assistant

I’m still at the start of my career. I am passionate about being able help people through skilled interventions in order to help them achieve their goals and return to their previous level of function. I love being able to meet, connect, and build new relationships with people I otherwise would never have met. As much as I enjoy teaching people how to improve their quality of life, I also enjoy learning from the wide range of people I meet. Something I related to that someone recently shared with me was that “they felt that coming to WDPT had really improved their well being and that the clinic feels ‘homier’ then other places they have been”. My goal is to continue to grow my knowledge as a therapist by receiving additional certifications and/or specializations that will help me be a better clinician. When I think about Waco and my work here at WDPT, I think Waco is big enough where there are plenty of things to do, but small enough to not feel like I live in a big City. While you’re in Waco, visit these places I love: Georges, Longhorn Steakhouse, Cameron Park, Woodway Park and Cabelas. When I’m not working, I enjoy playing disc golf, soccer, attending Church and spending time with my friends and family.